About us

Our halls are robust and stable structures.

20 years’ experience in the industry and many years of analysis by our designers have made the InterHal steel hall system even more accessible to every customer.

InterHal facilities meet all the requirements of the EN standards for permanent buildings and we are therefore one of the few European companies to offer facilities with a 10-year guarantee.

It is the long service life, the guarantee, the favourable price and the high quality that contribute to the absolute comfort of our facilities.

We hope that our experience will become part of your comfort.

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20 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE we have as much as 20 years' experience in the design and construction of multifunctional steel halls and specialised warehouses, backed up by competence and a multitude of satisfied customers.
10 YEARS’ GUARANTEE We are one of the few companies in the EU to offer a 10-year guarantee for our projects - the buildings meet all standards and stand out for their functionality.
HIGH QUALITY All warehouses, both general and specialised, represent the highest quality - both in terms of the materials used and the construction technique.
EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY We provide a lifespan that is incomparably high compared to other contractors (for a coating: 15 - 25 years). It is this durability and quality that makes the solution we offer the most advantageous for the entire service life.
LOAD-BEARING STRUCTURE The entire load-bearing structure is the result of an efficient design. The lattice frame is made of cold-formed profiles. The roof section is an arch-shaped truss, the shape of which optimises the tension of the membrane. In addition, the whole structure is stabilised by bracing made from closed profiles. Corrosion protection to choose from: hot-dip galvanising, hydrodynamic spraying (including fireproof paints).
MEMBRANE COATING Architectural membrane is a material based on polyester mesh coated with PVC on both sides. It is made using the low-wick system, a technology that seals the internal structure of coated fabrics and prevents the absorption of moisture and mould.
VENTILATION Free arrangement of ventilation openings in the gables, which can be equipped with forced-air circulation.
FREIGHT DOORS AND ENTRANCES Hall gates are made to individual customer requirements.